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Eau de Zéphyr
A landscape of sea and wind,
where the sparkling soul of citrus fruits meets
a vivifying wave of woody notes,
musk and light ozonated accents.
Discover Eau de Zéphyr
The harmony of narcissus, brushstrokes of exotic fruits
and touches of iris and vanilla,
outline the portrait of Mathilde:
eclecticism and grace.
Discover Mathilde
Memories beating to the rhythm of the fruit of passion.
A harmonious rose blossoms, lively as only youth can be
Discover Désirée
The mysterious richness of aromatic woods, brightened with curls of incense and warmed by mild amber and leather. The epitome of Charisma.
Discover Sharisme Insensé
The beauty of a magnetic allure is heightened by the amber notes which enswathe your skin in a delicately intoxicating caress.