Perfumed Soap
Hélène Coffret 6 Savons
Floral, Fruity
Delicate sparkling scents conjure up the bewitching exotic atmospheres of the Perfumed Soaps, created using the Rancé artisan triple-milled process, according to the Maison’s traditional recipe.

Fruity notes and enchanting white flowers: Hélène is an invitation to an island of dream. In the head, a delicious pear goes hand-in-hand with sparkling fruity touches. The heart debuts in a delicate floral bouquet scented of rose, magnolia and white flowers. In the base, a bewitching amber unveils warm sandalwood and patchouli notes, which give Hélène a captivating allure.
Thus your soul which is set ablaze
By the burning flash of voluptuousness
Springs heavenward, fearless and swift,
Toward the boundless, enchanted skies
[C. Baudelaire]
Lemon, Currant, Pear
Peach Flowers, Magnolia, Jasmine, Neroli, Pink Pepper
Amber, Tonka Bean, Musk, Patchouli