Eau de Parfum
Hortense EdP
Spicy, Oriental
Hortense, Queen of Holland, was the daughter of Josephine and Napoleon III's mother. She was beautiful, seductive and intelligent. Her blue eyes and golden hair were scented with the fragrances of Dutch flowers and spices from the lands she dreamt of.

A bold composition of mysterious, spicy notes, enriched by a warm, sensuous base, which creates a sparkling, irresistible aromatic adventure. The bouquet expresses an exuberant personality. It begins and seduces with its spicy notes of cardamom, pepper and bergamot, which lead on to delightful hints of Ceylon cinnamon, Lebanon cedar, Bulgarian rose and incense. These confer precious notes that still today bring overseas lands to mind and plot courses on an intriguing map of world perfumes. The warm base of woods, incense and vanilla is brought out by the rich splendour of spices. This Eau de Parfum stems from the Rancé's tradition of excellence and adds an original touch devoted to a sophisticated woman full of charm.
… the gold that was to decorate her arms at the feast,
and perfumes prepared for her blonde locks
[A. Chénier]
Cardamom, Pepper, Bergamot
Cinnamon, Bulgarian Rose, Incense
Cedarwood, Mahogany, Vanilla