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How to wear a RANCÉ 1795 Fragrance

Before starting, read our "How to choose your RANCÉ 1795 Fragrance" tips!

Once you have found your RANCÉ 1795 Fragrance of the Day, follow these notes to turn it into your signature scent, the one that will make everybody think of you when smelling it!

Whether you prefer spraying the fragrance on your skin - on warm points such as neck and wrists - or on your clothes, always remember not to rub your wrists to "spread" the essence!

When rubbing just-sprayed perfume, you actually smash its molecules, making the fragrance sillage and top notes weaker and less long-lasting!

The secret to making a scent last longer?

Spray it on your clothes, releasing a perfumed “mist” in the air and passing through it. 

In this way, your outfit will be gently scented and not overwhelming.

This is very important when travelling - for example on a plane - when people are very close one another,  and risk to impose one’s fragrance on others is high.

At the same time, the scent will last more on clothes than on skin.

What if you wish to wear your fragrance in a more discreet way?

In this case, you may choose a perfumed body cream or a shower-gel related to your favorite fragrance.

Among RANCÉ 1795 creations, try Joséphine, Laetitia, or Le Vainqueur: these body-care variants will make your skin gently - almost secretly! – perfumed.

One last note: when talking about a truly sophisticated fragrance, we do not need to be defined by “masculine" and "feminine" labels.

Dare to choose and explore among all our fragrance selection, beyond genres:

at RANCÉ 1795, a whole universe of perfume is waiting to be discovered!