What is a “meditation fragrance”? Sharisme Insensé: chypre soul

The mysterious richness of aromatic woods, brightened with curls of smoky incense and warmed with the mildness of amber and leather,  releases meditative energy. The epitome of charisma.

Sharisme Insensé  is the latest creation in RANCÉ 1795 Collection Impériale,  adding a meditative, intriguing touch to the collection.

From a special collaboration between Giovanni Rancé, RANCÉ 1795 CEO and Creative Director,

and Maurizio Cerizza, one of the most renowned Italian Noses, springs a sophisticated, mysterious fragrance, a true experience of aesthetic meditation .

Sharisme Insensé  is a chypre aromatic Eau de Parfum, based on the “canonical” notes of the Island of Cyprus (bergamot, patchouli), melting in the deep intesity of meditation incense. An eclectic accord of Leather, Pine and Juniper Berries is the perfect counterpoint to the fragrance heart.

Sharisme Insensé is not “just” a fragrance to wear: like a millésimé wine, it shall be savoured appreciating the multifaceted richness of its thousand shades.

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